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Available for Windows PC, Mac, Chrome, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Features you will love

Get work done faster with groups
and 1-on-1 chat

Make decisions quicker by discussing ideas, sharing files and getting instant feedback from your team.

Directed conversation with @Mentions in groups

@Mentions help you quickly draw the attention of a group member to the conversation at hand. All you need to do is type ‘@‘ in the input area and select the contact from the list of group members, and mentioned contact will see their name highlighted in red. Make group conversations easy, prioritized and effortless with @mentions.

Be efficient with Slash ‘/‘ commands

Flock is now faster than ever before. /Commands let you perform routine actions such as mute group, leave group, set status, etc. in one click. Just type '/' in the input area to see the complete list of commands available and then select the option you want.

Go back in time, Search message history

You can now search across all your conversations be it with individuals or in a group. Searching in Flock is blazing fast and easy, you can find what you’re looking for no matter who said it or when.

Bring clients into your conversations

Easily share files, have discussions and get instant approvals from clients and others outside your team.

Personalize conversations with Stickers

Add a hint of personality and old school charm to your conversations. Communicate more effectively and add your own personal touch to your messages with stickers.

Company directory at your fingertips

New members in your company are automatically added to everyone's contact list, and are available to chat when required.

Some other important features

A company lobby

Share updates and important broadcasts with everyone in the company, Instantly.

Secure Messaging

We use state of the art technology and industry best practices for data encryption during transit to and from Flock.

Synced all your devices

Flock has native apps for mobiles, PC, tablets and the web - switch devices and pick up right where you left off. (Runs on Windows, Mac, Chrome, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone)

Simple admin interface to manage your team

Bulk add team members or manage employee exits with an easy to use interface. No IT admin required.

...And, it’s free!

No charges for any number of users.

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