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1897 teams signed up last week!
Reduce emails by 50%

We are emailing each other less and just shooting flock messages back and forth. Flock is awesome!

Kayla Morrison, FX Creative

Reduce in-person meetings by 50%

Flock is how our Sales Team communicates. It's fast, reliable, fun and easy to use.

Bryan Morales, Inside Sales, CIB Corporation

Increase team productivity by 30% with Flock Apps

Coordination amongst my team is significantly faster. Decisions can be made quicker, feedback is more immediate, and everyone is able to get their say.

Austin Bristow


Flock integrates with a lot of the apps we currently use. It’s really increased our productivity because we aren't fishing through all the other apps we use.

Accounting Team, Valencia Lea

How Flock works

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Flock has helped in making faster decisions, and increased the speed of execution. We are a fast fashion company enabled by technology and tools like Flock can certainly help us.

Vivek Gaur
Founder & CEO, YEPME

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I'm one of the power users of Flock here at 1mg. Flock is convenient and real time and is making communication seamless and easy. My entire team today is on Flock.

Prashant Tandon
CEO and Co-Founder, 1MG

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Flock is an amalgamation of everything we were looking for in a communication app. It is very easy to use, and since we’ve started using it, Flock has found it’s own place in the organization.

Rajeev Sinha
CEO and Co-Founder, THE VANCA

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