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Flock has helped in making faster decisions, and increased the speed of execution. We are a fast fashion company enabled by technology and tools like Flock can certainly help us.

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What people are saying about Flock

Stanly Thomas Co-Founder, 4S Fitness  

What I love about Flock is its ease of use and availability across all platforms from mobile to desktop. Flock has done incredibly well to cover all the bases! Now it's so easy to be connected with the entire team.

Luke Rodriguez Owner, Modern Horrors  

Switched my entire team from Slack to Flock and couldn't be happier. This is a dedicated team that is constantly pushing out new features and seeking to understand how to make their product better. I'm proud to call my team a Flock team!

Bibik Balachandran Director - Technology, CodeGenre Solutions  

Flock has helped us communicate more efficiently. The team is dynamic in adding new features upon request and features like code snippet sharing have helped our development teams a lot.

Himanshu Verma CTO, Zakoopi  

The best thing about Flock is how easily we can transfer sceenshots and files. Flock has transformed how our team communicates.

Bryan Morales Inside Sales, CIB Corporation  

Flock has become the way our Sales Team comunicates. It's fast, reliable, fun and easy to use.

RJ Rodriguez Consolidated Senior Care  

Our entire company relies on Flock and honestly without it, the quality of work and productivity in the office would suffer.