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Why switch to Flock?

Flock is Affordable

Flock is free for as long as you want. With Flock’s Pro plan you can access unlimited message history, additional disk space and premium features for as low as $3 per user per month - less than half of what you’d pay for Slack’s Standard Plan.

Flock is Faster

Faster loading time

Flock loads 2.5 times faster than Slack on both desktop and mobile.

Quickly toggle between conversations

Flock’s features like bubbling up recent conversations, easy keyboard shortcuts, and last message preview let you breeze through chats, instead of individually clicking on chat tabs like in Slack.

Easily access private channels and contacts

Flock's magic search automatically displays important private channels and contacts without any need for typing. In Slack, searching for channels and contacts is comparatively difficult.

Flock is Slicker

Flock lets you easily switch between teams, conversations, apps and much more. In contrast, Slack’s UI feels clunky, crowded and complex.

Flock is Richer

Get a richer, more integrated experience with Flock Apps, which blend seamlessly with the core product, unlike Slack integrations which are mostly limited to bots and notifications.

Flock is free for as long as you want

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